Conversion rate : why and how to optimize it ?

In online shopping, increasing the conversion rate is highly important to reach a successful business strategy. The question is , why conversion rate is so important?

To know how to proceed, we must first understand the advantages of optimizing the conversion rate.

Optimizing the conversion rate is the systematic process of increasing the percentage of visitors who take the desired actions: fill out a form, become a customer, buy, …

To improve the conversion rate of your site, you need to understand consumer behavior, what actions they take and what prevents them from achieving their goals.

Tips to increase the conversion rate

Reduce the loading time of pages

Many websites, including online stores, are designed to convert visitors into customers. These conversions occur throughout the website: homepage, pricing page, blog, landing pages, …

Several studies have agreed that almost half (a little less or a little more according to the studies) of Internet users quickly leave sites whose pages are not displayed in the first 3 seconds.

It is therefore necessary to pay close attention to the loading time of your pages.

Shorten the purchase process

The control tunnel, on an ecommerce site, is the road that the visitor completes until the last stage, the payment stage.

The optimization of the purchase process is a fundamental element of the success of your site or e-commerce application and its profitability.

Logically, the shorter the path of the commercial tunnel, the more you increase the chance that the visitor will complete the act of purchase.

To improve the conversion rate of your store, you must shorten the buying process, in other words, simplify the customer journey to access the desired product as quickly as possible. As a performance track, visual search is a relevant solution that simplifies, shorten and facilitate the customer journey on your e-commerce.

Highlight commercial promotions

Business promotion is a good way to improve your conversion rate, as customers love promotions.

Most carousel images (slider) e-commerce sites focus on the presentation of commercial promotions. The exceptional offers on your online store attract the visitor and push him to discover more. That’s why we have to put them forward.

Optimize the user experience for a high conversion rate

The customer experience is a conversion rate optimizer for e-commerce. In fact, an improvement in the customer experience obviously allows you to increase the conversion rate of an online sales site.

By offering a flexible and easy customer experience throughout the purchase journey, you will be more likely to turn your visitors into customers

An online store that has no visitors will never be successful. We must, therefore, provide users with the best customer experience on your site. Try to develop reliable strategies to facilitate navigation and personalize the customer relationship.

The profitability of an online sales site is essentially defined by its conversion rate. Good conversion rates mean more sales and profits, while low conversion rates mean you will have trouble keeping your business afloat.