General Information

TRY&FIT SAS, a simplified stock company, whose registered office is based in France, 87 rue de Fontenoy, 59100 Roubaix, here, is included in the Lille Métropole Companies Registry Office,number 827 665 787 is the owner of websites located in the internet domain:,,; It is also the owner of the SaaS solution called FOQUS.

The privacy policy that is described here afterwards is applicable to the present websites, meaning all pages and subpages included in the, and domains, TRY&FIT SAS declines any responsibility over the different privacy policies and personal data protection that these websites may contain and which you can access through the hyperlinks located in this websites and which are not administered directly by TRY&FIT SAS.

This privacy policy governs and describes how TRY&FIT SAS. and its subsidiaries may collect, use, and disclose personal information that we obtain through or from & and all websites within that domain (such as,,,


When creating your account on our FOQUS SaaS solution, you become the client of our services. For that reason, we want to inform you about how we use your data and how you can protect your privacy.

The present privacy policy describes:

  • Which data we collect and the aim for which we conduct this collection.
  • How we use this data.
  • The options we offer you to administer this data, including how to access to the data and update it.

Your privacy is important for TRY&FIT SAS, therefore we recommend you to read our policy and contact us, if you have any doubts, at the email address: [email protected]

TRY&FIT SAS collected data

Data collection is carried out in two ways:

  • Information that you facilitate us. In order to use our services you must register to obtain a FOQUS account. During this process we will ask you for certain personal data as, for example, your name, email address, telephone number or your credit card data. To obtain our Services you will have to give us your service or product data base.
  • Data that we obtain through the use of our services. We will be able to collect data about what kind of inquiries your users make and how they use our services. These pieces of information include: specific data about your user devices (as, for example, the equipment model, the specific version of the operating model, unique identifiers and network data).
    In general, our service collects usage information automatically (number and frequency of visitors on the web) and its components. This kind of data enables us to find out how often the users utilize the service to allow us to provide a better service
    This statistical data is shared with our clients so they may improve their web page and the services that they render. FOQUS SaaS solution never divulges the information added to a client in such a way that the client can be identified.
  • FOQUS SaaS solution processes and stores information on our clients behalf although it does not have access to the personal data of the users or the clients of our clients. If you are one of our clients̕ clients and you want to rectify your personal data, please contact that client directly. If you are one of our clients and you would like to opt to not receive communications from FOQUS SaaS solution, contact us at [email protected]  or follow the instructions to cancel your membership that are included in every electronic email marketing.

How we use the collected data

The data that we collect through our services are used to render, maintain, protect and improve these services, develop new services and ensure the protection of FOQUS SaaS solution and our clients.

If you contact FOQUS team, probably we will file a record with your communication in order to resolve more easily any incident that could have happened.

We may use your electronic email address to send you information about our services, including information about forthcoming changes and improvements.

We will use the data collected through the cookies and other technology as, for example, web beacons to improve the experience for the client, the user and for the general quality of our services. For example, when saving your language preferences, we will be able to display our services in the language that you prefer.

We will ask for your consent before using your data for any purpose other than the ones established by the current privacy policy.

FOQUS SaaS solution conducts the data processing on its own servers, located in different countries around the world. We may perform your personal data processing in a server that is not located in your country of residence.

Transparency and election

Clients worry about several aspects of their privacy. Our objective is to inform you openly about the data we collect so that you can take proper decisions regarding their use. For example, you will be able:

  • To use the FOQUS user panel to consult and modify or eliminate registration data,
  • To use the FOQUS website to obtain information about our services.

You will be able as well to configure your browser to block cookies, including the ones associated to our services, or to know when it is FOQUS that sends you a cookie.

You can also configure your browser to block all cookies, including those associated with our services, or to know when FOQUS sends you a cookie.


How to access to your personal data and how to update them

Every time that you use our services, we want to offer you the possibility to access to your personal data. If this data is wrong, we will try to place at your disposal the necessary resources to update or eliminate them immediately, unless we are obliged to retain such data for legal or legitimate reasons related to our activity. When updating your personal data, it is possible that you may have to verify your identity before we can process your application. We reserve the right no to process the applications that are excessively reiterative, that implies a technical effort out of proportion (for example, developing a new system or modifying a current policy in a significant way), that jeopardise the privacy of third parties or that are substantially unfeasible (for example, applications related to data stored in backup copies).

When we can offer you the possibility to access your personal data and modify them, we will do so for free unless that requires a disproportionate effort. When rendering our services, we will protect your data procuring that they cannot be eliminated accidentally or intentionally. For that reason, although you eliminate your data from our services, it is possible that we will not immediately destroy the residual copies stored on our active servers or the data stored in our security systems.

What kind of personal data do we share

We will not share your personal data with companies, organizations or individuals outside TRY&FIT SAS company, apart from the following assumptions:

  • Consent
    We will share your personal data with companies, organizations or individuals outside TRY&FIT SAS company when you have given us your consent. Your consent will be necessary to share specially protected personal data.
  • External processing
    We will provide your personal data to our subsidiaries or to organizations or trusted third parties in order to perform their processing on behalf of TRY&FIT SAS company following our instructions, in line with our privacy policy and adopting as many measures as may be appropriate to guarantee the confidentiality and security of this data.
  • Legal Motives
    We will share your personal data with companies, organizations or individuals outside TRY&FIT SAS company if we consider in good faith that there exists a reasonable necessity to access such data or to use them, preserve or disclose them to:
    • Satisfy any requirement under the legal system or applicable regulations or meet any judicial or administrative requirement.
    • Comply with the current service provisions, including the investigation of possible infringements.
    • Detect or prevent any fraud, technical or security incident or tackle them in any other way.
    • Protect rights, goods and the security of TRY&FIT SAS company, our clients and the general public to the extent required or permitted by the applicable law.

We will be able to share consolidated and non-personal data with the general public and for the promotional purposes of our services. For example, we may share data publically to display trends about the general use of our services.

If TRY&FIT SAS company participates in a merger, acquisition or sale of assets, we will ensure the confidentiality of any personal data and will give prior notice to the clients concerned before their personal data is transferred or becomes subject to a different privacy policy.

Data Security

We strive to protect FOQUS SaaS solution and our clients and users against any non-authorized modification, disclosure or destruction of the data that we retain or against the non-authorized access to them. We apply technological, physical and administrative measurements. In particular:

  • We encrypt many of our services using the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol.
  • We revise our policy in the collection, storage and processing of data, including the physical security measurements to prevent non-authorized access to our systems.
  • We limit the access of suppliers, partners, administrators, managers and staff of FOQUS SaaS solution to the personal information that they must process for FOQUS SaaS solution and we ensure that they fulfil the strict contractual confidentiality obligations and are subject to the relevant disciplinary conditions or to redundancy in case they do not fulfil such obligations.


Our privacy policy applies to all the services offered by FOQUS SaaS solution, but the services that are subjected to independent privacy policies that do not include the present privacy policy are excluded.

Our privacy policy does not apply to the services provided by other companies or individuals, including the products or websites that could be displayed in the search results, or websites that could include FOQUS SaaS solution services or the ones that could be accessed from such services. Our privacy policy does not regulate the data processing activity of other companies or organizations that advertise our services and could use cookies, beacons and other technology in order to publish or offer relevant advertisements.


In FOQUS SaaS solution we verify the observance of our privacy policy on a regular basis. We also endorse the different codes of self-regulation. In case of receiving a formal written complaint, we will contact the person that lodged it to monitor the claim. We will work with the relevant regulatory authorities to resolve any claim related to personal data transfer that we have not been able to resolve directly with the user.


Our privacy policy can be modified in any moment. We will not limit the rights that correspond to you according to the present privacy policy without your express consent. We will publish all modifications of the current privacy policy on this page and, if they are significant, we will make a more prominent notification (for example, we will send you a notification through electronic email).