Why personalization is so important for Marketing ?

The user’s feeling of satisfaction reduces the possibilities of conflicts and unsubscription of the customers. They would be proud to be associated with your business and they will also contribute in informing others of their positive experiences.

Retailors must give a special importance to the personalization in customer service. It helps building trust with customers, loyalty and encourage them to buy.

When an online store offers a customer journey that matches with the specific needs of the consumer, the visitor is more likely to continue the purchase process.

Reasons why personalization makes your Marketing better

Conversion rate optimization

When you offer services and features to a target audience based on their specific behavior or data, your message is much more convincing. That’s why personalization makes visitors more likely to buy and become loyal customers.

A study by Econsultancy found that 93% of companies see an increase in conversion rates through customization.

Customer retention

In e-commerce, customer loyalty

According to a study by SmartFocus, 50% of consumers would be more likely to buy if the online store offers promotions and personalized information.

Boosting sales

Having a personalized home page can increase sales by 7%.

Allowing the consumer to quickly find what he wants makes them more inclined to buy.

Personalizing the home page of your online shop site is in fact very essential. It facilitates the buying path by highlighting products based on past customer interests and behaviors.

Improving customer experience

If you want to increase your online sales, you must offer consumers a personalized shopping experience.

Customizing the customer experience means designing or producing services and products that meet the individual needs of the customer. Customization is already a necessity to survive and thrive in the era of stand-alone customer.

According to studies, 33% of consumers who abandoned their business in 2016 did so because they lacked customization.

As an e-commerce site, Amazon adopts the “customer centric” strategy and carries now out all the elements of success.

Amazon focuses on the customer, he knows his customers a lot based on their purchase history. He personalizes and proposes to his visitors special offers according to their interests. This type of customization increases not only customer satisfaction, but also loyalty and repeat purchases.